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Social Hell

In today’s world we all need an upgrade of some sort. Whatever you’re good at doesn’t seem to cut it anymore. Whether you are a great chef, good at gymnastics or a singer – performer, you MUST also be your own manager/producer/advisor/content-uploader/make-up artist/blogger and what not.

Why you might ask? I don’t really know the answer. All I can actually understand is that being good at one thing is just not good enough anymore. In a world of 6-7 billion people everyone is loading their own contents out there, and in this caos, seems like even the greatest are failing to outshine all those wannabes involved in the social media. Plain Janes and Joes just loading their sorry lives on the net: facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat; followers, likes, shares… you name it.

The real problem is that even if you hate it, you can’t ignore it…you simply can’t. It’s a constant battle of grabbing attention, getting people to talk about things, good or bad, seeking popularity for no reason, reaching for stardom on selfies, posts and retweets, making fools of ourselves. What have we come to?

Some may say this just boosts the creativity within us, that this is a greater challenge for all artists to put more of themselves out there. I can strongly argue that no good can come of this. Why are we burdening ourselves with other people’s jobs. I personally do need all the help I can get and I’m willing to pay a certain figure to produce a certain quality content of my choice. I don’t want to be my own editor/writer/producer/manager/entrepreneur, this is madness. These professions are slowly but surely disappearing cause we’ve started stealing their art with modern technologies. The worst part is we actually think we’re better at it.

I want to be a singer and as of today I guess I have to be my own sponsor/videographer/editor as well. The system’s got me, but the least I can say is that I’m not happy.

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