Musica – The Voice

in questo paese che io amo purtroppo c’è una censura per quel che riguarda la qualità di trasmissioni come questa.

Lo so, mi direte che c’è “The Voice” Italy anche da noi… e io vi risponderò; ma siete proprio sicuri? Per come la vedo io prima bisogna educare il grande pubblico (con tutto il rispetto parlando) di cosa voglia dire cantare BENE una canzone per poi poter introdurre il concetto di talent.

Secondo me non c’è il bisogno di essere dei sapientoni, ne di essere cantanti o musicisti per saper distinguere la mer** dalla qualità. Pardon. Jazzisti, puristi, non importa…in realtà basta davvero poco…L’abitudine all’ascolto della musica con la M maiuscola per esempio dovrebbe un po’ educarci a riconoscere quando ci stanno vendendo della roba… poco bella, ma soprattutto a spegnere la TV e la radio quando serve e scegliere con i mille mezzi che abbiamo a disposizione di guardare qualcosa di realmente bello! 

Se continuiamo a definire Alessandra Amoroso (per dirne una) una cantante Soul… allora dovremo riguardare nuovamente un po’ di definizioni.
Se Suor Cristina è brava a cantare … se c’è dell’originalità nei pezzi dei The Kolors… non so se ho reso l’idea…dovremo nuovamente ricercare il significato di alcune etichette che diamo a questi “prodotti”, e di certo non artisti, sempre con rispetto parlando.

Tornando a “The Voice” USA o UK… penso che già guardare questi programmi faccia bene all’ascoltatore medio.
Ci sono dei giudici che ne capiscono realmente di musica, che veramente fanno del “coaching” a questi cantanti già pronti, che hanno già un bagaglio culturale musicale a dei livelli altissimi. Sono integri nei loro giudizi e sopratutto non fanno polemiche ne si offendono l’uno con l’altro per fare audience…

Basta alimentare questi tipi di meccanismi di basso calibro, aprite le orecchie!


be inspired, it’s not foolish

dear all,

I’ve been thinking a lot about positives and negatives in one’s life. I have to say it is truly hard to make the choice to be happy.

I know it’s quite absurd but have you ever had the feeling that when you decide to be happy a lot of people stand in your way?  whether it is a healthy habit, like being on diet, or when you take up something new, running, playing a musical instrument,etc. It’s as though the outsider’s guilty conscience would do anything to make you stop since it lacks of discipline itself.

2 years ago I had made a commitment to making my life healthier, feeling good about myself. As I lost 11 kg gradually and started my new life I had a lot of negativity around me. Don’t get me wrong I’ve also inspired many friends to take up running and healthy habits, this was what I loved most about the process. Nevertheless I was forced to listen to anyone’s opinion of what they thought of my new lifestyle. Mind you I hadn’t asked for their opinion.

Needless to say I felt like I was making a mistake, maybe these people were right, maybe I was going overboard with it all, maybe I did look better with more curves… BS (I hope you guys know what that stands for!)

I got it all wrong. I put people’s opinions before my own, I tried to make everyone happy by accepting their party invitations loaded with junk food and beer and ended up feeling insecure about my body again and feeling miserable about other aspects of my life, all this after 2 years of sacrifices that actually left me feeling good!

Believe me this doesn’t just apply to food or weight loss or vanity. When you decide to have positive models and do something useful with your time, being happy with your job, you’ll get some cynic telling you you’re too naive, that instead of managing your anger, fixing your flaws, working on yourself,  you should accept the world as it is, reminding you that there are more problems in the world that you won’t ever be able to fix, and that you’re stupid for caring about yourself because it really doesn’t matter. It makes no difference to anyone how you try to live your life. You’re basically a fool for being an idealist. For pursuing your goals, little or big.

What’s so wrong with being happy? I’ve been reading really great books by the motivational coach Robin Sharma, and I’ve found many truths that have confirmed my vision of what the world should feel like. I’ve decided not to be mediocre to my own eyes, invest in my talents and be brave enough to show my happiness to any cynic. Cause there’s nothing wrong with being in control, shutting out the negativity, making yourself proud of who you are and how you spend your time.

Life is a miracle, there’s too much to learn. I appreciate daily runs, reading, friends, my job, and regardless of any ups or downs, I know for sure that I have the power to overcome it all, because I have disciplined myself to recognise what happiness is to me and I’m not ashamed of being “naive” and inspired by music, art, books, sport, and those people around me who make this world a better place for me. I’m done with negativity and negative people. For good.



Hello everyone,

I know I suck at being constant.
In any case I’ve finally made my mind up about the Celta course which I’m going to attend in Seville, Spain! This should really open up new career paths for me and I’m so eager to begin.

It’s taken me a year to save up and I feel like I’m doing something for myself after having spent a lot of time and energy in achieving my main goal. Have you had the “Celta experience”?… and can you tell me a little about it?

I’m staying with my uncle and cousins during the four week course so I’m overly excited since I get to bond with all the family (something that I never got to do at a younger age), better late than never I guess.
I know that Spain won’t be so great in August, mainly because of the HEAT, but I’m sure at the end of it all I’ll be glad to be a certified teacher!

This couple of months has been so hectic. I’ve literally been everywhere in the northern part of Italy, auditioning for singing contests, running 10 km marathons, meeting new people, working out and working!
I’m really motivated, I want to improve in everything I do professionally and as a hobby. I’m quite lucky that I can somehow manage to do everything without getting overly stressed but at times it can get overwhelming I have to admit.

Am I going too far with all this? Some people seem to think so, including my parents, but I guess overdoing things is not that too bad when you try to keep the quality of the things you do up to standard and stay concentrated.

I’ll have to post about my 10km marathon in Milan as well, 2nd year in a row! and MAN what a RACE… read all about it!

It’s time



It’s time

I know it’s not like nobody has ever done it before. Not even a FULL marathon, you know what I mean. But it is freaking AMAZING that I AM doing it!!! Just one day left and I’m going to run half a marathon in Florence! This means so much to me I can’t explain.

I remember participating to a 10km race in Milan last year “We Own The Night” and feeling overwhelmed and literally crying tears of happiness… I could have never imagined it… not even a year has passed and I’m going to double that! This change of lifestyle has only proven me that I can do incredible things and that the sky is the limit. Who knows what I’ll be doing next year?! All I know is that this is my challenge now… that so far I’ve been my own motivator, I’ve kicked my own butt and I’m going to go further. Be it swimming, cycling, triathlon, bootcamp… I’m doing it! I’m taking the next step to be stronger and better than the old me.

Wish me luck…

Thank you

Update 20.03

Hi all,

It’s been quite some time. Life is busy at the moment.

I’m currently teaching classes of 8 and 2 people, four times a week, which requires going to work by bike, about 6km of hills per day not to mention all the private work.

I’ve been also preparing for that famous half a marathon in Florence on the 6th of April, tomorrow my plan is to run 15-16 km.

I’m glad people are looking up to me and all but at times it’s all too competitive for me. What I mean is that I try to work on myself whereas I’ve noticed that a lot of women are simply trying to compete and measure their progress with mine. It gets quite tiring trying to explain to people that one can’t or shouldn’t run 21km after a month’s training but most of my friends insist on training with me. It seems as though my yearly effort has had no meaning to those around me since they all think it’s all so simple and that they can achieve it all in just a month. Have you ever had this happen to you?

I’ve been waking up early in the mornings to manage to train.  Good night! 

Being a “rock”


Hi everybody,

Today I want to talk to you about what it is like being a “rock”. Not in the literal sense of the word.

I am often told I am like a rock because of my strong character and discipline, the way I can hold my ground  when everything is crumbling down, the way I can be strong when everyone else is weak, and so on…I guess that it is true in some way, I just wish I didn’t have to be the rock all the time.

Trust me, I’ve tried.

Sometimes I truly think that what other people think of us is what really makes us. I never chose to be the rock. This was in some way decided for me and it is expected of me no matter what. When I had my melt downs I realized that other people couldn’t handle me in any way, they didn’t even know what to say to make me feel better while I was perfectly aware of what I was going through and was amazed at the inability of the people around me to lift my spirit! I was extremely disappointed that I could never have a shoulder to cry on because crying was not expected of me. Despair wasn’t a word that could be included in my vocabulary. It saddens me and makes me proud at the same time. I can’t have my “mad times” or simply feel worthless… not when I’m in a company of friends or family, automatically this transfers a bad mood amongst my loved ones which then becomes a huge issue they absolutely can’t deal with. So I’m forced to hide my true feelings and keep being the motivator.

It’s obvious I’m not happy all the time, but I tend to make myself happy, work on my happiness so that the vision people have of me reflects the reality. I just want to make sure that I’m true to myself most of the time and keep being strong or let things out when I need to in a more private way, away from it all. It really works for me and my moody behavior.

Are you anyone’s rock? Do you like being a rock?

I’m just beginning to accept it…

Being a motivational coach!

Something really exciting is happening … It’s been a year since I started my new life-style, eating healthy, working out but most importantly running.

I’m proud to say many people have started following my footsteps around me. My sister lost 22kg since I lost 11kg (setting the example), it took some time but eventually she understood that she too could really make it once and for all and never go back to dieting again as this time round it had to be FOR GOOD!

What amazes me is how some young women from my singing school have started looking up to me. They want to train with me and they’re very enthusiastic about all the running going on.

I have to say I’m really honored because so far at least 6 people have started running, eating healthier and one has even stopped smoking since she started jogging!

I’m trying to fit in all these runs in my busy work schedule, I think it’s worth all the time invested in healthy  relationships with people. Most importantly it will help me achieve my goal of running 21km in April!