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It’s time



It’s time

I know it’s not like nobody has ever done it before. Not even a FULL marathon, you know what I mean. But it is freaking AMAZING that I AM doing it!!! Just one day left and I’m going to run half a marathon in Florence! This means so much to me I can’t explain.

I remember participating to a 10km race in Milan last year “We Own The Night” and feeling overwhelmed and literally crying tears of happiness… I could have never imagined it… not even a year has passed and I’m going to double that! This change of lifestyle has only proven me that I can do incredible things and that the sky is the limit. Who knows what I’ll be doing next year?! All I know is that this is my challenge now… that so far I’ve been my own motivator, I’ve kicked my own butt and I’m going to go further. Be it swimming, cycling, triathlon, bootcamp… I’m doing it! I’m taking the next step to be stronger and better than the old me.

Wish me luck…

Thank you


Update 20.03

Hi all,

It’s been quite some time. Life is busy at the moment.

I’m currently teaching classes of 8 and 2 people, four times a week, which requires going to work by bike, about 6km of hills per day not to mention all the private work.

I’ve been also preparing for that famous half a marathon in Florence on the 6th of April, tomorrow my plan is to run 15-16 km.

I’m glad people are looking up to me and all but at times it’s all too competitive for me. What I mean is that I try to work on myself whereas I’ve noticed that a lot of women are simply trying to compete and measure their progress with mine. It gets quite tiring trying to explain to people that one can’t or shouldn’t run 21km after a month’s training but most of my friends insist on training with me. It seems as though my yearly effort has had no meaning to those around me since they all think it’s all so simple and that they can achieve it all in just a month. Have you ever had this happen to you?

I’ve been waking up early in the mornings to manage to train.  Good night!