Hello everyone,

I know I suck at being constant.
In any case I’ve finally made my mind up about the Celta course which I’m going to attend in Seville, Spain! This should really open up new career paths for me and I’m so eager to begin.

It’s taken me a year to save up and I feel like I’m doing something for myself after having spent a lot of time and energy in achieving my main goal. Have you had the “Celta experience”?… and can you tell me a little about it?

I’m staying with my uncle and cousins during the four week course so I’m overly excited since I get to bond with all the family (something that I never got to do at a younger age), better late than never I guess.
I know that Spain won’t be so great in August, mainly because of the HEAT, but I’m sure at the end of it all I’ll be glad to be a certified teacher!

This couple of months has been so hectic. I’ve literally been everywhere in the northern part of Italy, auditioning for singing contests, running 10 km marathons, meeting new people, working out and working!
I’m really motivated, I want to improve in everything I do professionally and as a hobby. I’m quite lucky that I can somehow manage to do everything without getting overly stressed but at times it can get overwhelming I have to admit.

Am I going too far with all this? Some people seem to think so, including my parents, but I guess overdoing things is not that too bad when you try to keep the quality of the things you do up to standard and stay concentrated.

I’ll have to post about my 10km marathon in Milan as well, 2nd year in a row! and MAN what a RACE… read all about it!