The Noticer

I just finished reading this book by Andy Andrews, “The noticer”, has anyone read it? I read it in 2 days basically, easy read but beautiful content. It spoke about a new perspective in life. Small things that make a difference and how focusing on something positive or negative is our own choice. When we choose to concentrate on the positive or negative all we do is make the object of our thoughts bigger and bigger, in other words: whatever you focus on increases… Do you have personal experience of this? If so please do share. I also liked the concept of everyone either being in a crisis, coming out of a crisis or heading for a crisis. Some pages were quite emotional and educational to read. I would suggest it to anyone who is currently going through some tough times or has lost his/her way. This book is truly filled with some interesting perspective on how to live your life, we all have a lot to give, no matter our age, race, financial situation, period in life or experience. I’m looking forward to buying “The traveler’s gift” by the same author and reading other motivational, educational, books that really lift one’s spirit and teach one to be a better version of himself/herself.

Have a good weekend my virtual friends and readers.