Pure Heart

Pure Heart

Let me tell you something about doing what’s right. Not many people are capable of it, because sometimes doing what’s right can cause conflict between your wants and needs, and that’s the reason why doing the right thing can seem so inconvenient and uncomfortable.

People who are pure at heart do the right thing even when it may seem the most foolish thing to do. It can cause them hurt and pain, years of sacrifice, yet they cannot back away from such opportunities, big or small, because their conscience wouldn’t allow them to.

I’m talking about random acts of kindness, helping a loved one or putting complete strangers first. Empathising with what another person is going through and risking your well-being so that that soul can find, even temporary, peace.

We live in a world that has lost its values.

We are surrounded by those who either claim they’re doing good by others, or those who expect to learn about the “good people” populating our world through newspaper articles and tv shows (I honestly doubt that’s where we find them).

A pure heart should be kept secret, it should never be turned into some sort of publicity stunt, news story or sympathy campaign among friends, as it never seeks approval or trophies.

That neighbour we criticise could be that someone, cause God forbid a disreputable soul should find out where that type of Soul resides.

… maybe what I’m saying isn’t true, but I must admit I’d like to think they’re just hiding.




Beware of haters…

In a world filled with people, we tend to choose the worst virtual companions of all time. It’s the norm to have different social accounts and learn to have haters, especially when it comes to networking for a person that is a little above the average.

You know what I’m talking about,  you don’t even need to be a Star to have those nasty haters. This is how I know when it comes to me:

  1. I’ll have 1000+ views but just a couple “likes”.
  2. I’ll identify “The Voyeurs” from time to time – those people you meet in real life who will actually tell you they’ve seen your posts on Facebook or Instagram, yet haven’t ever reacted once. Talk about being all up in your business!
  3. My most gorgeous pics won’t have over 10 likes because haters are always too jealous and envious to admit it. They will like other uglier pictures of anyone else though! I’ve done my research.
  4. Most of the times they won’t even say “hey” when you see them on the street, but go the other way. True story.
  5. Privately message me – publicly dead… go figure.
  6. They won’t ever share any posts or videos they like because I posted them.
  7. They will secretly visit my personal profile, page and website, but never subscribe!(I’ve seen the stats).
  8. They’ll say I’m too vain for sharing anything because I think I’m all that! Newsflash: that’s the whole point of having a social media account!
  9. They’ll copy my ideas, songs, posts, etc.
  10. If they get an ugly photo of me, they’ll share it with the world and tag me in it!  b****!

My advice is to choose your social media friends wisely!




​Trendy Social Media Habit of Writing in English = Fail


What’s the deal with people trying to write their posts in English?

I’ll tell you what’s the matter. They don’t know English, so in their attempt to get a message across they fail miserably and aren’t ashamed of it.

Imagine writing in a language you really didn’t know… well, doesn’t the idea sound pathetic? Why would someone do that? Merely to follow a trend?
Believe it or not a LOT of people do understand your English is bad. Just be thankful most of us laugh amongst ourselves.

Some time ago I told one of my Facebook contacts their post didn’t make sense. The response was a public post in Italian, “generically” aimed at me since it was 5 seconds after my comment, that said: some people are just full of themselves and think they know everything.

I don’t think I know everything. I make mistakes myself. But instead of accepting how stupid your actions were you are actually blaming me for being full of myself. Fine by me…

Get a hold of yourselves people, if you’re using google translate or any other virtual translator to understand what I’ve written, the answer is NO, you shouldn’t write any posts in English from scratch. Stick to quotes and song lyrics.

Social Hell

In today’s world we all need an upgrade of some sort. Whatever you’re good at doesn’t seem to cut it anymore. Whether you are a great chef, good at gymnastics or a singer – performer, you MUST also be your own manager/producer/advisor/content-uploader/make-up artist/blogger and what not.

Why you might ask? I don’t really know the answer. All I can actually understand is that being good at one thing is just not good enough anymore. In a world of 6-7 billion people everyone is loading their own contents out there, and in this caos, seems like even the greatest are failing to outshine all those wannabes involved in the social media. Plain Janes and Joes just loading their sorry lives on the net: facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat; followers, likes, shares… you name it.

The real problem is that even if you hate it, you can’t ignore it…you simply can’t. It’s a constant battle of grabbing attention, getting people to talk about things, good or bad, seeking popularity for no reason, reaching for stardom on selfies, posts and retweets, making fools of ourselves. What have we come to?

Some may say this just boosts the creativity within us, that this is a greater challenge for all artists to put more of themselves out there. I can strongly argue that no good can come of this. Why are we burdening ourselves with other people’s jobs. I personally do need all the help I can get and I’m willing to pay a certain figure to produce a certain quality content of my choice. I don’t want to be my own editor/writer/producer/manager/entrepreneur, this is madness. These professions are slowly but surely disappearing cause we’ve started stealing their art with modern technologies. The worst part is we actually think we’re better at it.

I want to be a singer and as of today I guess I have to be my own sponsor/videographer/editor as well. The system’s got me, but the least I can say is that I’m not happy.

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Don’t run away from who you want to be


Stop hating and start living. Do it for you.


… and I thought I was a loner. I had convinced myself something was wrong with me, I mean there must have been something wrong with me, for those people I hoped to encourage and gave my affection to seemed to get further and further away from me. Not running, simply walking away and then fading into oblivion. Yet I hadn’t done anything wrong to them. You see, you can put all your heart into helping others, trying to do your best to comfort,advice or console them, you can try to honestly be happy for them and rejoice with them, set an example to follow for them… but you may just not get anything in return or it could all just backfire.

I personally started by setting an example for myself because I only got bits and pieces from my own life. I wanted to have someone to look up to so I started looking, hungrily searching and finding some answers to all those questions that needed answering to. Had I completely misplaced my values? Was I to blame for being who I am? Was I a bad person to speak my mind?  Did I really feel or act superior towards those people who were a part of my life? Had I  unwillingly made them uncomfortable with my big ego?

I’m proud to say I nurture values and put loyalty and honesty above all. I fight rage and I fight temptation, so much that nothing really tempts me anymore (except for good food). I’ve won the battles against jealousy and envy easily throughout my life, but it hurts me to say that by setting the example for myself  I feel that to others I have become some sort of control freak regarding my emotions. I now find it hard to relate to people who are constantly looking for my weak spots (I do have many) and thinking my life is all about THEM and not about myself. In a way I’m actually quite selfish so I do things for myself and to myself generally. I certainly don’t trust “them” anymore.  I find it hard to pretend I don’t see resentment in the looks people give me or in their attitude towards me. I don’t think they actually realise or want to feel that way towards me, but I find it hard to believe anyone cares for me when all they’re doing is waiting to see me fail and do the “AHAAA you fail miserably too and that makes me feel great about myself now!” dance.

Let me assure you, I am all human, but failure is not what I’m about … and it’s not what you’re about either.

I don’t believe any of us can ever fail. I wish that you could all see this clearly. If your intentions are good and your conscience is truly clear you can’t fail in life, it is close to impossible. You can’t even make mistakes in life let alone “fail in life” (we make the decisions we make knowingly and whatever just cameupoutoftheblue is not our responsibility – #let’sfaceit). But when the shit hits the fan (and it will cause nobody is perfect) you can hold your head high and carry on, knowing deep down inside you did what you did for the right reasons at the time, and who cares you couldn’t make things work! so what you didn’t get what you deserved, expected or wished for! You’re not a fortune teller, you can’t know these things so don’t beat yourself up for you are your worst enemy.

Don’t be afraid of life and don’t feel ashamed if things don’t go the way you planned. There is nothing to be afraid or ashamed of. Life is full of surprises, good and bad. Simply embrace who you are and be your own competition. Fight for yourself, stand up for yourself, be the best friend you’d always hoped to have (chances are you’ll never find that type of friend anyway – all one can do is hope- truestory), so YOU be THAT person!

Stop hating and start living. Be the change you want to see in the world – Gandhi


How much has beauty got to do with success or fame?

How much has beauty got to do with success or fame?

meri funny facesYou’d think one might consider it a gift, and easy entry… and yet.

Speaking from personal experience, the little that I have, my good looks have always been noticed at the most unflattering times.

After a concert:

Audience member: wow, congratulations, you’re a good..

Musician: Yeah, I know, she’s hot, isn’t she? O.o

Music contest:

Judge: hey you have a wonderful voice, but that dress!

hmmm, thank you?

I know it’s not modest of me to consider myself pretty, if I deny it I’m a hypocrite, if I admit it I’m arrogant or cocky.. but people keep reminding you of it every second, even when you personally are not thinking about “it”, so there you go, you just can’t get any of this right. Seems like you have to proof your worth twice as hard in everything you do, and add to that the “woman” factor.

Yes, being a woman is hard as it is. Everyone seems obliged to tell you that you look great, oh yeah and sing well too. What happened to sincere, honest recognition of a person’s ability to sing and perform? and all those other qualities that go way further than skin deep?The world is not a beauty contest and I would have definitely not come this far had I NOT been good at what I do.

I speak for all those women out there you have to struggle with superficial, at times inappropriate, comments that diminish who we truly are, by people who think they are paying us a tribute.

What else comes with it?

…envy, distrust, plain hatred, jealousy, competitiveness, back-stabbing and fake smiling…

But don’t worry, you look fabulous anyway!

Who cares for all that other stuff.